School of Electronics Engineering (SENSE) & School of Electrical Engineering (SELECT)

The world is at crossroads. One road leads to a city with skyscrapers, flying shuttles and robots while the other leads to a lifeless planet, devoid of breathing creatures.
Technovit will be a means to move forward towards the green yet sci-fi future we always dreamt of. This fall, Technovit will be a platform for ConnectiVITieee to discipline lightening into electricity and build little power houses of electronics. This earth is a living being which must be endowed with a soul and intelligence and a network of sensors to feel, microcontrollers to think and power converters to fuel the spirit is exactly what we need.
Besides, how does the idea of offering you the technology laced with entertainment sound? Or maybe, all of these gifts can be wrapped together to form a tech-fete. And this magnificent episode can make you even wander in the world of technology you dreamt of or where you have never been invited or where you always wanted your heart and mind to get absorbed.
Ladies and Gentlemen; elevate high, clink up the bottles and beat the drum for one of the most-happening tech-fetes in Chennai to blitz off your brains with shrewd events: ConnectiVITieee!




  • DJ Workshop
    September 13th,2017 Vitians  400    Non-Vitians  400 DJ Madhushruti Majumder

    When sounds move minds; it feeds the soul with inspiration: it’s inevitable to think with anything but sounds. Anyone and everyone can make music, transcribing their creative vision into a polished piece of art.
    So, for those aspiring, off-the-track people who want to groove the minds out of their audience in future with their beats and mixes, ConnectiVITieee brings you the coolest of all the events: “The DJ Workshop” on September 13!
    Hop in to have a unique experience and obtain the art of ‘this person has got some s-i-c-k beats!’

  • Sensor network with SENSEnuts platform
    August 11th-12th,2017 Vitians  1000    Non-Vitians  1000 IOT Kunal Soni

    If every inch of this earth could feel every sensation, watch every ken and hear the whispers even? This world is a living being which must be endowed with a soul and intelligence: a network of sensors to understand the rhythm of the world and to make you aware of every physical entity present!
    In lieu of this, ConnectiVITieee brings forward the "Building Wireless Sensor Networks with SENSEnuts Platform" workshop on 11th and 12th of August!

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  • Labview & it’s Applications using Arduino.
    August 2nd,2017 Vitians  700    Non-Vitians  700 Progarmming Pooja G

    What happens when two powerful tools are combined? The outcome is a magical platform for rendezvous of electronics with the CPU!
    Here we present the workshop "Programming Arduino with LabVIEW". Understand the hardware, learn the language flowing between the two instruments and enter the new dimensions of electronics.
    Be there on August 2, 2017!

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  • Matlab-DSP Intergration
    August 9th,2017 Vitians  500    Non-Vitians  500 Software Pratyaksh Dua

    For those who love to push the limits of mankind's technological advances, we bring you the big guns of the signal processing world. The “DSP Processor Using MATLAB” is one workshop where we break down the ABCs of processors for enthusiasts and beginners alike! So join us on the 9th of August on a journey to the future!

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  • PCB Design and Fabrication of a Converter
    September 6th and 7th,2017 Vitians  1200    Non-Vitians  1200 Hardware Tanmay Mathur

    September 6th is when the world of electrical begins. Starting from the fundamentals of PCB design concepts to the most intricate of connections on the board that's no bigger than your palm. “The Hands on PCB Fabrication and Circuit Design” workshop has you covered, from first years to researchers. Join us to learn the science and craft of those little power houses of the most elaborate electronic devices, on 6th and 7th of September.

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  • Robotics Workshop
    August 31st-September 1st,2017 Vitians  1500    Non-Vitians  1500 Robotics Kapil Kumar Verma

    “Alpine towers going beyond the zenith, flying saucers soaring high in the air, roads moving like fingers of mist through the forest of city! Holographic communication, robots serving the mankind…” Isn't that how we all imagine the view from our window to be in future?
    The best way to predict future is to invent it. We, the team of ConnectiVITieee and i3indya technologies, invite you to take the first step towards future. Join us on September 1, 2017 for the "Spybotics Workshop".

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  • Layout Design of OPAMP using CADENCE.
    August 5th,2017 Vitians  900    Non-Vitians  900 Hardware Aahel Ghosh

    Have you ever thought how the super sophisticated tech in your hands work??
    All thanks to the blinding boom in the design of various electronic circuits and embedded systems!
    So here's the perfect opportunity for you to add the mastery in developing those schematics into your skillset!
    To you we bring a “Workshop on CAD Tools: Cadence Virtuoso® and Cadence Assura®" for giving you thorough training and hands on experience on various amplifiers and schematic layouts.
    So people buckle up, charge in. We hope to see you boat loads of you on August 5, 2017!

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  • IoT workshop
    September 11th,2017 Vitians  800 IoT Bharath
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