School Of Fashion

The place where the wisdom meets to nurture the brains into the leaders of the nation, is holding one of the most awaited and anticipated event organization of the year, TechnoVIT on the 14 th ,15th and 16 th of Septemeber,2017. That’s the destination for all the competitive heads meet to race up their engines, crackup the logics and beautify the world. With VFIT being one of the recent establishment, under the name of Glitz here it is ready to offer you chances to explore in art, design the layers of clothing, adapt the virtuality into lives, play up with colours and make everything more beautiful than it already is.

Workshops And Events


  • Photoshop Workshop
    Sept 8th-9th, 2017 Vitians  500   Non-Vitians  500 Photoshop Veena Devi. S
  • Fashion Illustration
    Sept 12th-13th,2017 Vitians  300    Non-Vitians  300 Fashion Sketching Kajal Singh



Person Name

Rituparna Modak
Person Name

B. K. Hyndavi
Person Name

Dr. T Palani Rajan