School of Computing Science and Engineering (SCSE)

VIT is one of the most premier institutions in India and proclaimed as the one of the best institutions in Chennai. The students here are tech-savvy and dedicated towards constructive research in all fields of engineering. For students to experience exposure in the field of computer technology in an exquisite and inspiring way, the School of Computer Science and Engg. of VIT Chennai is the host of Qubit 2017, which is a grand technical extravaganza. It promises to educate and entertain along with promoting green technology.
The bar is set very high this year after the grand success of events organized by Qubit during technoVIT'16. We here as the organizing committee at VIT are working harder than ever to make sure the events stand out. A wide range of formal and informal events ranging from coding contests to quizzes and an array of workshops conducted by well established mentors will be the crowning glory of the fest. Various happening fields like machine learning and android development will take the highest priority.
On a more fun note, we have many exciting games planned too. The prowess of the technical facet of Qubit will be unmatched by any other fest in the city. Thousands from colleges in and around the city will be taking part in the fest and experience the dizzying array of technical extravaganza.

Workshops And Events



  • Machine Learning
    September 13th,2017 Vitians  500    Non-Vitians  750 Data Analytics Upasana Chaudhari
  • Workshop on Augmented Reality!
    September 4th-5th,2017 1200 Muktak Pandya AR
    Registrations over
  • Workshop on Adobe Photoshop
    September 6th,2017 300 Kaushik Murali Photoshop
    Registrations over
  • Android For Beginners
    September 7th,2017 Vitians  500    Non-Vitians  750 Progarmming Sparsha Saha
    Registrations over
  • Cyber Security
    September 11th-12,2017 Vitians  1200    Non-Vitians  1200 Ethical Hacking Anushka Sharma
    Registrations over
  • Network Simulation Using NS3
    August 31st- September 1st,2017 1200 Simulation Parth Desai
    Registrations Over
  • Core Java
    August 3rd-4th,2017 Vitians  1000    Non-Vitians  1000 programming Prerana Agarwal
    Registrations Over
  • Selenium Testing Tool
    August 5th,2017 Vitians  1000    Non-Vitians  1000 Testing Samriddhi Verma
    Registrations Over
  • Web Development
    August 7th,2017 Vitians  250    Non-Vitians  500 Progmramming Rohit Raghul
    Registrations Over
  • Image Vision and Video analysis
    August 11th-12th, 2017 Students/Faculty  1000   Delegates  1500 Image Processing Shambhavi
    Registrations Over
  • Python Programming Workshop
    August 16th,2017 Vitians  500    Non-Vitians  750 Progarmming Sakshi
    Registrations Over
  • Programming Fundamentals
    August 17th,2017 Vitians  300    Non-Vitians  300 Progarmming Agasba
    Registrations Over
  • Workshop on Computer Networks using Scilab
    August 29th,2017 500 Network, Scilab Anurag
    Registrations Over


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