VIT Business School

The VIT Business School (VITBS), Chennai, conducts its annual business event "Tai:kuun" in the month of September as a part of the Technical Fest TechnoVIT. The event is expected to have participants from different states of India.
The Technovit 2017 theme is "Green Technology! Green Earth!"- ignites the drive to be innovate for the environment and promote sustainable management practices. Tai:Kuun represents the dawn of new management practises around the world. It will create an environment to showcase the role of management in defining this green future.
Tai:kuun aims at imparting business knowledge coupled with creativity. We wish to bring together budding leaders by creating a platform for students, professors and business people to showcase their skills.



  • Data Science Using Tools And Techniques
    August 7th,2017 Vitians  200    Non-Vitians  250 Dr S.Sudha
    Registrations Over
  • Application Of Econometrics Tools For Research
    August 7th,2017 Vitians  200    Non-Vitians  250 Dr. S Sudha
    Registrations Over
  • Business Analytics Using R
    August 8th,2017 Vitians  200    Non-Vitians  250 Rohit Raghul
    Registrations Over
  • Operational Analytics
    August 8th,2017 Vitians  150    Non-Vitians  200 Dr. S.K. Sudarsanam
    Registrations Over
  • HR Analytics Using SPSS
    August 8th,2017 Vitians  200    Non-Vitians  250 Prof. Nitya Rani
    Registrations Over